Confessions – By Busisiwe Cijisiwe



The value of truth amongst us all differs regardless of who says what and who thinks what. Personally most of us do not care about the truth because sometimes, hearing the truth causes more pain than healing. Yes lies are overrated and bad but quite frankly some lies are a necessity. With them, some sense comes to light, problems are solved and peace is maintained even if it may be for a little while.

When man lies, it is like a basic requirement.  Some would say it’s like “taking candy from a kid” but yet they aren’t best  at it…yes they may lie and cover it up for a while but they easily get caught up in their own lies without realization to it and funny enough they basically confess to it willingly but unknowingly.

On the other side, when a  woman lies, it  isn’t their basic requirement they can live without lies but then when they have to lie they usually have stories like “they lie to protect those they love” so it’s said but  funny enough they are part of the “loved people they protecting”  .

I am not vouching against men and vouching for woman but in honest truth we ought to be truthful to ourselves about how we see ourselves and those around us.  We are mostly very concerned about the wrong doings of those we live with but fail to see the “neither fault nor failure” amongst ourselves. This proves how hypocritical we are in our own nature.  Men are “trash” and woman is “bitch” but what we all are combined.

Through confession comes realization of what and who you truly are as a person,  you officiously naked and no amount of clothing can cover you  up.

Revealing your imperfect perfections .