Tv Star Pearl finally gives an insight on why she called off her engagement


Tv personality Pearl Modiadie opened up about Calling her engagement off to Ex fiancé Nkululeko Buthelezi for the second time while she was being interviewed on Trending SA.

The Zaziwa presenter and Nkululeko first got engaged in December 2015, but she later took off the ring in late 2016 and her fans were surprised that shes had stopped wearing the ring. But Pearl never said anything about it.

She then got back with Nkuleleko late 2016 early 2017 and they are now separated again. She also spoke on why she went back to him the first time. She highlighted the need of giving people second chances and said “you want to see if you were right or wrong about them”

After trying again things ddnt work out and they decided to call it quits. She said everything “did not feel the way it was supposed to”.

And continued by saying ” you know what love feels like when it stops feeling like it, and that small voice is talking and it’s time to listen. It was time to listen and walk again”