SOUTH AFRICA: Enhle Mbali Thanks Nicky Publicly For Helping Her During Her Hijacking.


JOHANNESBURG – Enhle Mbali thanked the woman who she says helped her Publicly after being hijacked by three armed men on Wednesday afternoon in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

Enhle was driving the new Porsche which her husband DJ Black Coffee had recently purchased for her when she was attacked. She was attacked by three armed men with two guns and one hammer and the three men stopped in front of her car, pulled her out and took her jewelry.

News of the incident broke on Wednesday 18 July, the story was all over the internet and Enhle was taken to hospital after being ambushed on the very same day. In a post shared on her Twitter account on Monday 23 July 2018, Enhle
Simply thanked the woman, named Nicky, for her help during the
“Nicky helped me when so many drove ryt past the incident
in Hyde Park last week ” she also wrote“She saw guns and that didn’t stop her.”
Enhle also said that she is going to do something special for Nicky. She continued by saying “lets celebrate our heros”