SOUTH AFRICA: Pearl Thusi Experiences Attempted Robbery


Model and Presenter Pearl Thusi was almost mugged. The attempted robbery happened in Braamfontein on the 05th of April 2018.

The tv personality was held at a gunpoint in her car while waiting for the robot/traffic light to open for her.

She later posted on Twitter about the incident saying “Someone definitely just pulled a gun on me on the road in Braam while i was in my car. Then said i must give him my phone or he’ll shoot me.i said no then drove away, luckily the light just turned green. I only started freaking out a few minutes later”

The Actress continued by saying “Maybe he thought i can’t speak zulu. Maybe he was stressed that i didn’t freakk out . maybe he didn’t have bullets. Maybe Jesus said not today satan. All I’m grateful for is to be alive and unscathed”

One of her followers on Twitter quickly replied by saying Thank God you’re ok and another one asked if Pearl saw the gun . she said “yes but I’ve worked with fake guns on movies and other shows so they don’t immediately freak me out” .