NIGERIA: Students of University of Ibadan protests as school increases fee by 300%


The University of Ibadan is currently under fire as students of the institution are complaining about the recent decision of the school management to increase the school fee by 300%.

Mostly affected by the increment are the students in the  college of Medicine.

Reports gathered indicates that as at last session, the school fees was #25,000 while accommodation fees was #14,000, however, this session the school fees has increased to #31,150 while accommodation fees to #30, 000 and #40,000 for students in the medical hostel.

Students in college of medicine were the most affected as the new levy called ‘clinical training levy’ was hyped from #75, 000 to #100,000. This fee affects medical students, dental students, nursing, human nutrition, med lab, physiotherapy, physiology, biochemistry and so on.

Students of University of Ibadan lament as school increases fee by 300% lailasnews 2

A student of the school who expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision said,

‘they (school authorities) have been giving excuses like ‘the federal government is no longer funding us’ and all, but the major question is why only UI? UI isn’t the only school offering these courses and yet it is the only one that wants to impose a levy. Our student union was also suspended last year so I think this is an attempt by the school authorities to impose the fees on us hoping we wouldn’t put up a fight’.

Another student said:

‘what happenes to people that cannot afford it? Some of my classmates could not even afford the previous fees and now they have to deal with this increment? Most of the hostels are in a very bad condition. The hostels are overcrowded, bed bug infested with hiccuping light and water supply yet we are asked to pay more. That is only acceptable if living conditions in The hostels are improved’.

Some other students have already taken to social media to call out the school authorities to review this hike in school fee.

@mofeoyatogun government decided to invest a billion dollars in ??security yet reportedly withdrew 4 billion naira from the funds available to university of ibadan which has led to over 100 percent hike in school fees and someone people are saying it’s fair and reasonable smh

Mbachu Christabel Nnenna@MbachuNnenna

With the 293% increase in School fees, The University of Ibadan college of Medicine becomes only affordable to the rich. Really?! The parents that will fall sick while gathering resources to pay will be admitted to the same UCH and still pay money