SOUTH AFRICA : President Ramaphosa Addresses The ANC about Unity and Corruption


Ramaphosa who was at the covenant fellowship Church international in Esikhaleni in Kwa zulu natal attending a good Friday sermon called for unity within the African national congress (ANC).

People started talking after they spotted Mr President Ramaphosa flying in economy classon a safair flight on the 30th of March 2018 in the morning.

“There must be unity and renewal of the ANC because it is when the ANC is united, that is when we are stronger and i know this church is praying and continues to pray for unity of the ANC” Ramaphosa said.

He also said there was no place for stealing and corruption within the members of the ANC and those who are caught in action shall be punished accordingly.

Mr President continued by saying “the ANC must serve the people of South Africa and we must put our old ways behind us,where there was corruption we must say goodbye to corruption, where there were people who were stealing the resources of our country, they must be dealt with severely”.

He also said ” the new dawn means things have to change. We are now going to work in a different way to change the lives of our people”.