ENTERTAINMENT : [Johannesburg] Wale Show’s Love To Raplyf Clothing Brand


Nigerian-American rapper Wale released a video for his track “Staying Power”, showcasing a few clothing brands and Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi better known as Kwesta’s RapLyf label was also there. Black Tshirt with RapLyf Logo was shown on a couple of Shots in the video.

Kwesta and Wale collaborated and produced a hit song named Spirit.which is from Kwesta’s upcoming album dropped in 2017. The song spirit has been the biggest hit in South Africa for a while now.

The ” Staying Power” video was dropped on monday the 19th of march 2018. The video is not only showcasing clothing brands but Wale cruises through the streets of Washington DC with a beautiful woman along his side.

The rapper has been working hard, the Staying Power video was release a week after he dropped his EP named its Complicated with only a single feature from sing Jaquees.