JOURNALIST’S PROFILE : Introducing Prime Reporters Africa’s Gontse Makoea


Confidence Changed My Life Forever

“A turning point i always needed in my life”

There’s way more to Gontse Makoea than just a pretty face. She’s
fierce, passionate and a proof of “Beautiful women have brains too”
not all beautiful women are brainless atleast.

Gontse Makoea who is 20 years old dances to her own beat, and isn’t
bothered by people who always try to bring her down she believes that
when people get to the stage of feeling confident, they’ll stop
bringing each other down. She grew up knowing what she wanted, she has
always been passionate about Writing and Presenting.

She started school when she was 5 years old and completed her matric
when she was 16. Her parents wanted to take her to medical school but
because she was passionate about the course that she’s doing which is
Journalism & Media Studies she then reasoned with them and they
started believing in her dreams.

Gontse grew up in a loving home that belonged to her grandmother in
Soshanguve after her mom left for work in Johannesburg. Her
grandmother played a huge role in shaping and moulding her. She now
knows right and wrong because of the wonderful woman that raised her.
When things got better on the mother’s side, she took Gontse in and
started to be involved in the little girls life.

Gontse knocked on many doors but was cut off everytime but she’s still trying.

. She never gave up. “She’s a go getter and wants her voice to
be heard everytime.

” I’ve never let people or allowed people to dictate to me . I’ve
always believed that I’m beautiful . your opinion about yourself
should matter most because people will always say something about you,
therefore what you think about yourself is what matters the most.”
the point just proves that Gontse never relies on people to tell her
that she’s beautiful or good enough for that matter. Whatever she
say’s in her mind goes.

There was a time Gontse was a model. “That was the best time of my
life, I had so much fun and even dreamed of becoming miss south
Africa, i also made lifelong friends”, but life swept away the little
girls dream. She owned a dog and one day the dog just turned on her
and bit her arm, now she has scars and cannot enter pageants anymore
and she became insecure about her looks after the incident. But now
she’s super confident.

” I am confident i will make it “. She is very passionate and loves to
encourage those who are made differently, to not let the difference
get to them. They must learn to accept themselves she said. Everyone
comes across challenges and stresses but it’s how you overcome them
that will actually determine how strong you are as a person.

” If parents believe in their children’s dreams, they will have good
life decisions for their children and the influence will be greater
because they’ll show them the right way to approach these things ”
Despite parental concerns nothing will ever flow perfectly, so both
parents and children should accept everything as it comes. Therefore
children dont have to feel the need to please people, but instead they
have to make themselves proud. ” my own personal, ultimate goal would
be to write more stories or articles and become the best presenter in
south Africa , i would also like to get into the production side”.

She does not have a specific person who she looks up to in the
industry but there are different people who approach things the way
Gontse likes and she appreciates their work. She also reminds herself
everyday, what her purposes and goals are in life. She’s always needy
for anything and she’s also artistic.
“The horoscope sign of this young lady describe her in every way.
CAPRICORN (they make sure that all paperwork is done, all the bills
have been paid and they take charge of their own desires.”