SOUTH AFRICA : Western Cape – Neighboring Provinces also Face the “Water” National Disaster


In the firstweek of January 2018, the water level was at 10%, it has dropped futhermore with less percentages, from 10% to 7,9% over the pastweeks and now the neighboring provinces are also affected.

The water shortage started in 2015 when there were weather abnormalities, rainfall was short and the heat kept on increasing leading to drought. Former mayor who came before Patricia De Lille, Van Lingen emphasized that people should use water only when necessary. The Government also declared that drought and water scarcity in a number of provinces.

Media briefing was held in the parliament and Minister of Traditional affairs Zweli Mkhize said “the declaration will be used by all levels of government to mobilise resources for medium and long term drought” the western cape is at it’s very lowest dam level, there are no signs of improvement so people are urged to save water and Mkhize also said the declaration gazetted today makes allowance for government to provide financial assistance where needed.

The Government set 6Billion rands aside for all natural disasters relief including drought.