SOUTH AFRICA: UBER Taxi Driver Protests Over Killing of A Member.


PRETORIA, SOUTHAFRICA :The meter Taxi drivers vs Uber drivers engaging on a terrible strike. Meter Taxi are private taxi which works around Bosman Station, the Meter Taxi drivers waits for passengers from the station and around to come to them so that they can start Working. Uber is a big association which is being opposed by the Meter Taxi, Uber uses an App which people log into whenever they want to be accompanied.

The Meter Taxi drivers burned the one of the Uber car last week at Arcadia, they killed the young Uber driver inside the boot of the Car.

“Uber is a fast and safe private taxi around Pretoria, I rate Uber because when ever i request it to come to the place where i am it doesn’t take much time to arrive! Uber is not expensive as the Mater Taxi, the Meter Taxi charges more extra then Uber which is not a good thing here in South Africa. I use a train from Sourcwille and sometimes It can come late so when I reach Bosman station i have to make sure I call an Uber taxi so that i can get fast to school” says Mudau Phathutshedzo.

The drivers went on strike which was also joined by some of the Eff (Economic Freedom Fighters) the member said that the Meter Taxi drivers have the right to take what is theirs, which include the Land.

Some vehicles have been set aflame, and passengers now don’t know which one to take either Uber or Meter taxi. Metered taxi drivers argued that Uber has operated for several years without following any regulations and now they have an unfair advantage over the Metered taxi industry.

On January the Competition Commission launched a market inquiry into the public transportation sector, including the issues between metres taxi and Uber drivers. The Commission also said that the scope of the inquiry will include price setting mechanism, price regulation, transport planning, allocation of subsidies, route allocation, and licensing requirements, among other factors.