Student grabs man who sexually assaulted her in public, calls Police


A 21 year old female student has retaliated an alleged sexual assault perpetuated by a man on her. The incident occurred around a market in New Delhi, India and the lady was filmed grabbing the man by his shirt and the calling Police with the her phone.

The man, named as Manish Kumar, was prevented from fighting his way out by the large crowd that gathered in the market in the Karol Bagh area of the Indian capital

He is seen on the video trying to hide his face from the multiple cameras suddenly pointed at him while at the same time trying to apologise. The student said he was one of two men who harassed her.

She told local media:

There were three men in a rickshaw. Two of them were constantly making lewd comments and obscene gestures. The third man did not do anything. At first, we tried to avoid them but they kept stalking us. Two of them even followed us around while making vulgar comment.’

She then tried to caution them off, after which they became even more abusive, she claimed.

The woman added:

‘Passers-by helped me catch the man. I had called up the police control room but before [they arrived], a traffic official spotted me on the road and offered help. The traffic policeman caught hold of the man and, with the help of a passer-by, took us to the police station.’

Karol Bagh police then devised a plan to hunt town the Kumar’s alleged accomplice.

Student grabs man who sexually assaulted her in public, calls Police lailasnews 2

They forced Kumar to call the other man, named only as Abhishek, and ask him to come to the police station, saying the charges had been dropped and that the woman only wanted a ‘compromise’.

When he arrived, he was arrested.