KENYA: “Clean water” tanker spotted fetching sewer water ( Photos)


The photos has been causing outrage on Kenya social media.

Someone claims the sewer water is for road construction and the tanker will be washed before being used to supply water to homes.

Your stomach will churn when you read this. As the country is undergoing persistent water shortage, traders who sell water using bowsers are making a killing and many are taking advantage of the situation and trying to cut corners.

An image has surfaced online of a supposed “clean water” bowser seemingly fetching dirty water from what looks like a sewer.

The bowser is seen atop a hill with pipes flowing down to the sewer which is then sold to unsuspecting clients who are exposed to dangerous diseases.

Others claim that the truck was refilling for a construction project but no one can vouch that they will disinfect it once they are done with the project.

Although the exact location of where the images were taken is unclear, a section of online users have narrowed it down to either Kisumu or Nairobi.

The images have brought displeasure among Kenyans online, with some asking the government to take charge and ensure prosecution of the responsible individuals.

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Living in Nairobi is a scam!!! 

 My stomach churned at this.

Why are guys pretending to be shocked at this? This has been going on for quite a while. Anyone doubting can go to the stream that separates Karen and Ngong for further details.

Living in Nairobi is a scam!!!

So they get it for free then charge us, fuel,driver, n service for the truck..

Living in Nairobi is a scam!!!

Nairobi WATER & SEWERAGE Company… This is what it means!!!

yet the truck tank is written clean water ? let believe it still going to be purify

What the hell is this…clean water is so much dirty water. 

Photo: "Clean water" tanker spotted fetching sewer water