South Africa : Over 220 Injured in A Germiston Rail Accident.


JOHANNESBURG – Over 220 commuters have been injured in a train collision in Germiston.

A Metrorail moving train crashed into a stationary locomotive at the Geldenhuis train station in Germiston (Ekhurhuleni)  on Tuesday morning. 9 January 2018

Paramedics and Emergency Services were at the scene on time. No fatalities on critical injuries were reported as only minor injuries were sustained. Commuters were taken to various hospitals for treatment.

 An investigation into the collision will be  conducted to find the cause of this serious accident. There are a number of speculations as to what may be the cause of the collision.

A few days ago , over 19 commuters were killed and hundreds injured in a ghastly accident which occured in Free State when a  Train Collided with a truck that got stuck on the rail .