EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Ngwanatemane “Torchofthegods” Mofokeng of Madlozi mystic Muthi.



Prime Reporters: Good Afternoon Gogo Ngwanatemane “Torchofthegods” Mofokeng, thanks for gracing our interview amidst your really busy schedule.

Torchogthegods: Thank you and thanks for having me here.

Prime Reporters: Who is Torchofthegods ?

Torchogthegods:  Torchofthegods is Ngwanatemane Ivy daughter of Segane.

Prime Reporters: Why Torchofthegods?, it is a very unusual name.

Torchogthegods:  I was named by my personal gods after graduating from self-initiation under gates walking in June 2013.Besides being a Sangoma, I am a gate walker, don’t ask me what that is you can google it.{smiles}

Prime Reporters: Connection with marines?

Torchogthegods: As a gate walker my main elder God and Goddess are of waters. My blood ancestors are residing in the waters, my totem is a marine lion, Baga Segane originate from the reeds and therefore I am a marine child.

Prime Reporters: You are far too glamourous to be a Sangoma, care to share the secret?

Torchogthegods: True beauty, glamour and money comes after trials and tribulations, I have had my fair share of ugliness, dullness, depression and being poor.Most people would look at me and think to become a Sangoma is a simple task, only to be very shocked and disappointed when the real work begins.

Initiation is no child’s play, I always associate it with a military camp. This is the only place where an initiate as a customer, is not right. Your opinion doesn’t count. You just have to shut up and listen. You must salute the whole day. You need focus and commitment.

Forget about beauty and start to embrace ugliness, there is no makeup or perfume. No weaves and earrings. Let go of your ego, in Xhosa they call it imvuma kufa, allow your ego to die, that’s when you will discover true beauty and riches.

Prime Reporters: There is a rumour that you were summoned to amazon river/Forrest?

Torchogthegods: The rumour is true, it was on July 2016 when I returned from my trip in USA, and I received an invite to Amazon River by three Gods. To perform certain rituals. I went there in 2017. With me I took my ancestral brew, white beads, coins, red wine, amavovo (mqombothi chaff) and vial of my blood with me.  It was a 7day ritual.  I received the names: Nontobeko (the humble), phoenix and Vunda. They all have significance meaning in my spiritual path.

When I look up Nontobeko name online it says: “Nontobeko, you have a unique inner potential. With your first breath, a spiritual essence and purpose became a part of you, gave you life, and activated your physical growth.”

Phoenix: “People with this name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. They tend to be courageous and sometimes aggressive. As unique, creative individuals, they tend to resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient”.

Gogo Ngwanatemane “Torchofthegods” Mofokeng

Vunda: it’s Nguni name meaning fertile (of rich soil), this name aligns well with “Shlahla” (the tree) the name I received while in Sangoma initiation. It means now this tree is becoming the tree of life on a fertile soil and it will continue to produce fruits day by day due to the nature of the soil it is growing on.

I was given a temple too: Eanna Temple of Marines under Goddess Inanna/Ishtar, the colour and style of the uniform, the guidelines of running the temple and etc.

Prime Reporters: It looks like many people are being initiated into traditional healing, especially Sangoma, why is that?

Torchogthegods: Thank you. Very soon every next person will be initiated or undergo some sort of spiritual training. There are very many spiritualists hiding in churches right now as we speak. Remember in the past era due to unrests, the laws and stigma around traditional healing people used to run to churches and they converted their traditional calling into what Zionists and apostolicism call “isithunywa or moya oa seporofeto”. You could identify those people by the capes (iziphika) they wear. Normally they would have stars and moons on them, sometimes the cross would face down. Mind you…true Christians don’t worship stars and moons…or kanjani. Do they?

Prime Reporters: Gogo, can you please explain more on that?

Torchogthegods: Well, some would wear their traditional cloths (amahiya) under their church garments as per “isithunywa instructions”. There was no way you will see people walking around wearing ancestral cloths and beads. People were afraid of the “Dowenaar Law”. It was a struggle, but now that the country is free, more and more of this people are free to seek their true calling, and unfortunately there is shortage of spiritual teachers due to the past era. Everybody would run to sangomas because they are the ones available or visible.

Prime Reporters: Thank you Gogo for that explanation. There are several cases of people having diverse visions that probably might end up coming to reality. Does this mean that those people are called to be sangomas as well?

Torchogthegods: No, not everybody who has visions is called to be a sangoma. Africans are born with a very active Pineal Gland, majority of Africans see visions with true meaning. Furthermore, this new western development era does not help also, it looks like everybody will eventually seek enlightenment. We are not like our ancestors who believed in nonsense, we ask questions, we do research, we believe in what we see in our brains.

PrimeReporters: We all notice now that the current generation of spiritual priests are educated, a  lot left their career to focus on the calling. Can you please tell us what your generation of sangomas are doing to change the trend of things with regards to the general acceptance of our own (African) traditional beliefs.?

Torchogthegods:  One of the major difference between the most practiced religions and our own African religions is basically documentation. Our ancestors never had the resources or opportunity to document their activities as against Christianity and Islam. If there were documentations, probably it wont be that difficult for people to believe in their ancestors. Be that as it may,  we are putting in all efforts in ensuring proper documentations.

Besides being the High priestess of the temple I am an author.

I wrote the following spiritual books:

Sangoma’s oracle was my first book in august 2014

Guide on muthi and African ancestral path in March 2016

Xikwembu: Sangoma’s God in July 2016

Sangoma’s divining bones in December 2016

Nzunza: Sangoma’s mermaid in May 2017

Tikoloshi stories is on hold, will announce when published

Im currently writing “working with Idlozi in occult” which will be available by April 2018

I am also in studio working on my second album called “Naka dialla” a traditional ancestral songs album.

I have also designed some spiritual courses for those who have an intuition but are not called to be sangomas. This year 2018 the following courses will be running at our shrine:

  1. Practical divination course: for those who wish to learn how do conduct spiritual readings, exorcism, spirit channelling and prophetic divination
  2. African occultism course: for those who wish to be spiritually attuned and connected in order to work with spirits, cast spells, and conduct certain rituals

Prime Reporters: That is Great, tell us, who are the kind of people that these courses are designed for. ?

Torchogthegods: This courses can be taken by anyone who seek spiritual enlightenment.

Prime Reporters: Thank You Gogo Ngwanatemane “Torchofthegods” Mofokeng for your time, so how can people get in touch in touch with you.?

Torchogthegods:  I can be reached via our website www.torchofthegods.com or via email thequeen@torchofthegods.com or ivy.mofokeng3@gmail.com and  on whatsApp: +27720883995


Prime Reporters: Thank you Gogo for your time, we really do appreiate.

Torchogthegods:  Thank you for having me .